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Corsair Scout
    Corsairs Approch
  B-26 Marauder
  The North Amertion's P-51 Mustang was the first U.S. fighter to push its nose over Europe after the fall of France. Thee P-51,  taking on the best the Axis fought in the air. Mustangs conquered every German aircraft including  the sleek, twin-jet Messerschmitt 262s.

  Designed for the British, the Mustang performed long-range escort duty. it's name for itself by destroying trains, enemy ships and enemy installations in western Europe and the  invasion of Sicily and Italy.

  The P-51 Mustang was also used by the Tuskegee Airman famous for there tails painted red, escorting B-17 Bombers never loosing   a  B17 to enemy fire
P-51 Mustang

F-4U Corsair
  The B-26 Marauder one of the most recognizable planes produced by the  Martin Company. It was developed as a attack bomber in 1938 and 1939.  The plane flown by the Army Air Corps as a new medium bomber. The Model 179, had many advanced design for competition before fighting broke out in Europe, model  179 was chosen the winner of the contract.   B-26's even flown as part of President Roosevelt's "50,000-plane" program.

  The B-26 had been rushed from the drawing board to the production line. The B-26 eventually experienced greater success.

      38-Lightning In The Sky
   The P-51 Mustang, a remarkable airplane it was. If I was a pilot and not into prop aircraft, the Mustang would be my first choice.

   It came in many versions relating to color upgrades and canopy modifications. There are aircraft that are know and among this category the most famous aircraft is the North American P-51 Mustang. 

  The P-51 was a fierce machine that proved its worth many times during World War II   to serve in the close-support  of many countries.

  The green color with the white strips show how artistically this peice can be

   No American war plane stands out to be more popular then then the F-4U Corsair. In the Pacific the super corsair was called Sweetheart of Okinawa. The Japs had a name that they would call the Corsair simply .... "Whistling Death"

   The wing structure had an interesting look but also served its purpose to the aircraft aerodynamically. It was called the inverted gull wing.

   The F-4U Corsair was known for it's reputation as one of the greatest combat aircraft ever built well known for the squadron Ba Ba Black Sheep

   If I was there seeing this low Corsair pass I would have thought that I was in aircraft heaven.  Here it passes through a beautiful sunset sky with a sprinkle of orange and vannalla grey cloud formations.

   I created this peice with the intentions of creating a low altitude pass to stimulate the speed of the aircraft running along the mountain side.

   I remember I use to work freelance for a gentlemen at the Trenton Mercer Airport by the name of Harry Botoff, there he had a gallery called Fine Art and Famous Aircraft. He told me that out of all the historic aircraft that he has dealt with in the art world was the F-4U Corsair. When that came to my attention maybe I felt the same way.

    I was standing along a mountain side to my surprise, they came out of no where equipped to mesmerize

  One behind the other flying overhead screaming engines blue dazzle am I dreaming instead

   The mountains, the sky, all fit together, here they come, one behind the other
Trails of glory our freedom they fight for land of the free and that's for ever more 

   This wasn't like any other fighter, and it didn't perform like any other being 100 miles an hour faster than any other plane in it's category. Japanese pilots where in despair and destroyed the morale of the Japanese  Zero fighter pilot."

   P-38's were produced in October 1941 armed with four .50 cal. machine guns with a 20mm cannon. It was light and fast it worked well at low sea level. it is considered to be one of the finest built air frames of our time

                    Flying Tiger

   The famous Flying Tigers was that of an American Volunteer Group of fighter pilots that fought in China. In 1941 the Curtis P-40 fighters would recruit 100 pilots. All the pilots where  officers in the reserve  to fight as mercenaries in the army of a foreign country. There salary was  $600 a month plus $500 for each kill in destroying  enemy aircraft. The fighter planes where slow in coming. One of the most famous pilots was a pilot named Pappy Boyington,  He went on to create the famous Black Sheep Squadron.
    Hollywood made a film in dedication to these brave men staring John Wayne, and the name of the movie was called The Flying Tigers.
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F-4U Corsair
     Well I said it, and here is, they say that you should change what is on your website every so often, the problem is that I have with doing so is that in my opinion it is hard to change something so good against what I have up here but I have started to do so because as time goes on if you stick to what you are doing things do get better, so I chose to change a few pictures and here is one of them that I know is very pleased to view here at dreamplanes.net
Ezer Weizman Personal Spitfire
       Here we have an aircraft that so     caught my attention. I had the opportunity to meet a Pilot who was from Israel, Igal was his name, I knew by chatting with him that there was a chance that I was going to be inspired by within the short conversation that we had.

      So as time went on he told me about his favorite aircraft was the the Supermarine Spitfire, so since I became very fond ofI Igal  I made a effort to set out and artistically create his favorite plane The spitfire. 

       In my search I came across this black Spitfire, when I discussed this with him, he tells me that it was the Captain of the Israeli Air Force's Personal Aircraft.

        So this Art Work is dedicated to my dear friend Igal, call sign here known as READY EDDIE and to the Men and Women of the Israeli Air Force keeping the skies safe for the honor of there freedom.