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    Thunderbirds Over the Cannyon
Thunderbird Solo Bank
Thunder Pass
Thunderbird Historical Moon Ride
Solo Away From Show
Solo Practice Pass
Thunderbirds Dive
TB Demo Climb

     The Thunderbirds are a great inspiration to me in the avaition artwork that I create. Their inspiration to create these feelings come from visual contact with the team at various air shows. I remember when I was just a young boy my father took me to see one of their shows, and from that day on I was hooked. Ok it is true I do have a love for airplanes, but to me there was always something special about the Thunderbirds. The speed, the roar, the colors and the fine precision of the pilots and the ground crew with there team work to keep the Thunderbirds flying and to thrill the millions of spectators each year. In close, all that is needed to say is I thank The USAF Thunderbirds for my inspiration and to those who just might feel the same way that I do. 

Robert Giovannetti 
TB New 35 Pass
TB New Venture
    The Thunderbirds flew there first show  at Luke AFB of June 1953, The
Thunderbirds had flown 26 of there  shows by  August. The first plane they flew was the straight-wing F-84G Thunderjet.  The Thunderjet a single seat fighter, flew from  1950 to the 

    The coming year  the team  performed their first overseas air shows flying to South and Central America, at that time a solo  demonstration was added to the team in 1955, moving on to the swept-wing F-84F Thunderstreak. 

    The Thunderbirds once again changed there aircraft  to the F-100C Super Saber, in 1956 that gave the Thunderbirds to fly supersonic Flight. The team would eventually  move to there new  headquarters to Nellis AFB  At that time shows where placed on low, screaming flyovers and demonstrations of takeoff performance. At that time if permitted  The solo pilot would create a "sonic boom" (this no longer existed when the FAA did not permit supersonic flight over the U.S
    Thunderbirds Over the Canyon here portrays once again what the spectators don't see at there demonstration shows.
Here the team demonstrates a practice show fly by streaking through the Grand Canyon.

    Artistically Speaking the beauty and the silence of the canyon  is awaken by the roar of all six jets together in this art work.

    My intentions once again portrays the feel and the  visual concept of how 6 beautiful aircraft that I will always be a fan of as the US Airforce Thunderbirds.
    Sometimes at an air show the solo pilot fly's through show center but when the maneuver is complete the aircraft streaks in back of the crowd, to my observation no one never looks at that aircraft is doing because all of the rest of the spectators have there eyes focused on the next maneuver at show center. What people fail to realize that at that point the sun is shown directly at the subject matter and there is where all maneuvers should take place because all of there colors are at full richness against the sun.  But at show time around 3: 30 PM we have no control over the Mother Nature

    I never thought I would ever be able to create the art work that I create by using my talents. There are many who feel and appreciate the USAF Thunderbirds as I do and maybe I should feel lucky in having the talent to push it even farther for those who cant.

   I created this work with thee intentions of speed and power, and to add a little fitness to the peice. The warmness of the sky blends in beautifully against the warm white and red color's not to mention the clouds make the F-16 more truly exiting. 

    Maybe someday will see this, the F-16 is not to be taken lightly because the fact of the matter is that it looks like it belongs there, stylish, technical curves and what could one ever ask for more then speed. But make no mistake, thee F-35 Strike fighter could fit in faster then you think.

    The Strike Fighter could demonstrate new and advance technology's in aviation today. The F-35 is clean with some nice stylish curves if you will.

    So ask me again ... do I approve (what to you think) 

    The team switched to the swift F-16A Fighting Falcon in 1983 to get ready  for the 1983 season. The  Thunderbirds were led by Major Jim Latham.

    As of today the Thunderbirds continue to fly the F-16,  Thunderbird's glossy red, white, and blue  markings that gives the aircraft style and grace 

    Here as seen lets say we here the leader say .... Thunderbirds climb to heaven, my interpretation of it all when I created this peice was the feeling that I got was simply that .... All six heaven bound 

    Here we see the all six Thunderbirds in there F-16's diving into there famous Diamond formation. 

    As you can see the moon seems to be also enjoying the show. Sometimes there practices can become extremely heavenly
against the blue vibrant sky.

    While putting this art work together with the intentions of showing the viewer just how beautiful the USAF Thunderbirds can be. White clouds with blue skies, overcast, to party cloudy to this beautiful artistic sky they always look as exiting as they are. 
    The F-35 Lightning II, known as the Joint Strike Fighter with stealth capabilities and  supersonic flight.  Built into the F-35  provide the pilot with super awareness  and unmatched against any foreign aircraft. 

    With all of it's  technologies and and all  it's capabilities, the F-35 Strike Fighter is the world’s most advanced multirole fighter in the world today.

    As far as the new look for the USAF Thunderbirds well that's something we all could get use to very quickly. I could Imagine seeing all four of these together
climbing to 10,00 feet

    Here I wanted to express my feelings in a way regarding sound and speed. It is the thunder over the canyon. The F-16 has a sense of speed in a roaring pass.

    It is a practice pass where Thunderbird # 6 surprise the crowd, unfortunately here there is no crowd. But as they say practice makes perfect.

    The Thunderbird against the blue sky will cause spended contrast, this is how I was to perceive it while creating this peice I called "Solo Practice Pass"
               Solo Heavenly Pass

    Solo Pilots show speed with a roar  when they are present. If you could imagine  standing there while this  No 6 Thunderbird comes roaring by. When the final art work was completed it was exactly as expected of that what I had in mind ... Speed with a thunderous roar.

    It is the sense of movement, color and position of the aircraft that I try to create in my art work , clouds and sky finish off the final touches.

    It was once said that in all of John Wayne's aerial movies his Director insisted clouds had to be in all area scenes for the purpose of creating speed and movement.
                         Off Dudy

    I remember this was my first Digital Painting, I've always had an interest in the USAF Thunderbirds, but while in the possess of doing research I've noticed that there was a small amount of Thunderbird paintings and a large amount of photos
and to this day I still don't know why.

    So with the lack of Thunderbird  paintings , I have decided to dedicate this page for those reasons. Here we see all four  Thunderbirds in there F-16 Fighting Falcons climbing to the heavens
through a beautiful rusted sky. 
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       T-38 Talon
    From those years, 0h how I do remember 1969 to 1973, the USAF Thunderbirds flew the F-4E Phantom. In 1974, they would convert  to the T-38 Talon, which was the first sleek supersonic trainer. The T-38 being more fuel-efficient than the F-4 Phantom, and more easier to maintain.

    It was in 1983, the Thunderbirds  role of demonstrating the Air Force's fighter capabilities. The Thunderbirds converted  to the F-16A Fighting Falcon thrilling thousands of spectators with new aircraft technologies.

    I saw the Thunderbirds at an airshow at McGuire AFB, the T-38 was a sleek sweet little jet trainer that was very impressive glad that I had the skill to create this piece of art work. 

Thunderbirds F-100 Super Saber
    The USAF shows the public the ability of there pilots and aircraft, the F-100 Super Saber would perform throughout the world in aerial precision demonstration flights. The "Thunderbirds," showing there tight maneuvers to over 19 million people  performing there  maneuvers at low altitude. 

    The jet fighter  powered by a Pratt & Whitney J57-P-7 engine with 10,000 pounds of thrust. 

    The F-100 with a service ceiling of 50,000 feet with a range of a 1000 miles.
It's  swept wing and tail,of the F-100 Super Saber design was the answer to supersonic flight.
TBird Test Climb Over Nellis Moon

    T- Bird test over Nellis was a Digital Painting that I have created to bring out the colors of the contrast between the white Thunderbird against a dark blue sky, and as far as I'm concerned it all came together very well.

    As usual the moon always gets a front row seat in showing the beauty of how it works with a dramatic evening sky.

    I consider this painting one that shows color, power of speed, and not to mention the background of a dramatic sky that we only see within a lifetime.  
Solo 2 Over the Canyon
    Solo pilots of the USAF Thunderbirds have always intrigued my interests, maybe because of there speed and precision of there maneuvers. At many of there super airshows I always use to look for that F-16 solo pilot that suprises the crowd with that sneak attack ... the ultimate surprise,
always looked and searched for him but never really was to successful.

    Never the less the two solo Pilots in there F-16 Falcons fly together in a practice run over the canyon. The only surprise here is how they show off there beautiful aircraft streaking over that famous site that everyone always dreams of seeing, the Famous Grand Canyon. 

Thunderbirds Returning Home
    The F-84 Thunderjet was a turbojet fighter-bomber aircraft. In 1944 United States  Air Force producing a Fighter Bomber named F-84 thunderjet. It was  entered into service in 1947. The aircraft was operational until the 1949 F-84D  matured only with upgrading to the F-84G brought into service in 1951. 
    I never saw the USAF Thunderbirds flying there F-84 Thunderjets at all the air shows that I have attended. all I can say is that I wish that I did. all my greatest experience's where with the F-100 Super Saber to the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

      Thunderbirds to Thunderchiefs

    The F-105 Thunderchief, was a USAF supersonic fighter-bomber.  The F-105 Thunderchief  Had great strike power of bombing's over Vietnam War.  In the beginning designed to be  a single-seat, attack aircraft, then converted into a two-seat Wild Weasel version. It was commonly known as the "Thud" by its crews members and pilots

    To compare to the  F-100 Super Saber, the F-105 Thunderchief was also armed with missiles and a cannon; its design was designed to high-speed low-altitude penetration carrying a single nuclear weapon internally. First flown  in the year 1955,  the sleek Thunderchief entered service in 1958. It would be listed as the heaviest single-engine fighter flown by the USAF,