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Delta Lift Off
3D Tac Fighter
Cloud Spray Delta
Falcon Beach Dreams
Waldrons Green Machine
Blue Angel Flyer
They say sometimes dreams do come true, and for me that's what exactly happened  a few years ago. All my life I have always had the interest to fly kites I guess since they sorta fly like airplanes that is where the interest comes from I guess. For years I have always tried to look for kite makers to make a kite for me that looks like a fighter jet, not so easy to find because most kite makers like to lean on constructing kites that are shaped in the form of a  delta, called delta kites. and obviously they are the best flyers. So thanks to New Tech Kites they have made all my dreams come true. I couldn't believe it, a kite that looked like the F-22 Raptor and in the air it even looked more realistic. other kites where purchased like the US NAVY BLUE ANGEL and the USAF THUNDERBIRD. So as time went on I felt that I would create the artwork as I did with Dream Planes, putting the kites in the super clouds that I create. In this page you will see what I have put together ... called Kites Stuff, so as I say to you go fly a Kite.

Robert Giovannetti   
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