This Page is quite different from the rest, it is the other side of my mind, to create beauty in its own way, and other things that may attract my eye, things that are considered to be artistic.
Something special that I believe where I have acquired the ability to create almost anything that one desires. That's a big order to fill, but it's true. Computer technology has given me the tool to almost fill any task.

Robert Giovannetti 
    Fine Art by Giovannetti

Masked Eve With Pearls
Valcanic Rose
Sweet Heart
Ballerina Legs
Piano Snake
Ballerina Silver Shoes
Blue Delila
Snake in a Glass
Gold Eagle
Rose De Love
Rose La Pink
Heavenly Aliyah
Sky Scraper Dreamer
Black Cat
My Fish
My Bull Dog
Calvery Sky
Mr. Martini
Candle Light
Rainbow Cup
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                                        Oprah Light of the World

Inspiration is a powerful tool for artist in what they create. I never really was interested in Oprah not to say that she is not a very talented person, artist and business women, but as an artist finding time to watch her show sometimes can become very  difficault. Thanks to her new network OWN watching that famous statement to one of her employees while putting together her last tv show (let me remind you that this is what you wanted to do, it was a kind of funny but professional, at that point something clicked, and  that inspirational feeling set into create something for Oprah that I call Operah... The Light of the World.

Robert Giovannetti

Pussy Cat
Felix the Cat
The Cat
Little Bo Pete
Tom the Cat
Cat In The Window
Brutis the Cat
Awile back as an artist always looking for that special inspiration as we often do, I    stumbled across something very interesting at the Delaware in Trenton. I noticed a bunch of stray cats that seem to have living quarters in the woods, someone there told me that a few people where concerned about all the cats running about and there where quite a few, so these people build the cats living quarters and bringing them cat food so they would be fed. So one day I came back to photograph them and walla, here are the results of the inspiration that the cats brought to me.