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        Blues High
Blue Angels Super Climb
    Blues Rider Bank
        Blues Peel Off
      Blues Skyhawk Pass
       Blues Descent
   Blues Cloud Spray
    The Blue Angels demonstration exhibits refinements of skills demonstrated by all naval aviators. Shortly thereafter, you will see the aerobatic maneuvers of the four-F-18 Hornet Diamond Formation, in concert with the high-performance maneuvers of its two solo pilots. The team demonstrates precision flying, performing maneuvers locked in the six-jet Delta Formation.

   The team is based at Forrest Sherman Field, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. However, the squadron spends January through March training pilots and new team members for the future The Blue Angels are scheduled to fly 68 air shows in front of 8 million spectators watched the Blue Angels perform. Since 1946, the Blue Angels have performed for more than 463 million fans.

   My Blue Angels aircraft digital paintings are created with the end result in mind; a highly professional piece of aviation artwork that you can enjoy for a lifetime.           
Blue Angels
     Blues High is dedicated to the so called BLUES (BLUE ANGELS). The painting shows the 4 jets climbing to an off-duty practice with the moon being its spectacular audience. This painting portrays what people at air shows don't see Blues High demonstrates that issue in what I see that other people don't.

     On November 8, 1986, the Blue Angels performed their 40th anniversary year unveiling their present aircraft the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, now serving on the nation's front line of defense. The Blue Angels have flown for more than 260 million spectators. Let it be known that I not only as an artist and a spectator, I am one of their dedicated fans of the United States Navy Blue Angels.

   Here this digital aviation art shows all six aircraft climbing in the tight diamond formation. It is said that all aircraft are 3 feet apart.

    On November 8, 1986, the Blue Angels completed their 40th anniversary year during ceremonies unveiling their present aircraft, the sleek McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, the first dual-role fighter/attack aircraft now serving on the nation's front lines of defense. Since 1946, the Blue Angels have flown for more than 260 million spectators.

    Blue Angels Super Climb was the artwork that portrays the famous tight formation that the Blue Angels demonstrate at all there air shows all over the world.

    This is power, left bank with full burner. This digital painting has a feel for the drama of speed; it shows what people do not see when the Blue Angels fly at air shows. In the painting the work of Mother Nature shows her best.

  Storm clouds beef up the drama, sometimes storm clouds bring fourth there beautiful way of shapes and color to produce very artistic effects on paintings and other types of art work.

   I've always had a love for clouds, when my Dad passed away, I use to look up at the sky and wonder if he was putting those beautiful clouds in the sky with the finger of an Angel.
    Blues Peel Off is beautiful, it shows how the beauty of how four F-18 Hornets flown by the U.S. Navy Blue Angels maneuvering the four breaking in a smooth 9G peel off dazzling the spectators.

    The Blue Angels at a practice shown at McGuire Air Force Base flew after hours demonstrating this choreographic maneuver against a dramatic sky. It was very special for the reason of at these practice shows the Blue Angels do a few things that are not done at the actual show.

    Blues Peel Off demonstrates the beauty of the teams aerobatic maneuver capabilities to fly through the sky with gracefulness in every way possible.... we love you Blues.

    The Blue Angels flew the A-4 Sky Hawk until November 1986. When the Blues Angels transferred to the FA-18 for the most part, maintenance was done on this aircraft. The plane was back in service on 12-4-85.Dec. 4th 1985.

    The Blue Angels, flew with different tail numbers indicate that the aircraft had numbers 2, 3, 4, and # 6. It was only used in the solo (#6) position when certain museums got the aircraft its tail was # 4. It remains on static display.

Memories of the A-4 at a Lakehurst show viewing the solo aircraft on a practice run at 500' well maybe that's why I do what I do artistically..... Thank You God
    "The Blue Angels" have flown many types of aircraft during their fifty year history Aircraft that were flown are the F-18 Hornet, A-4 Skyhawk, F-4J Phantom II, F-11F Tiger and F-6F Hellcat.  

    The F-4 Phantom was a beautiful aircraft to watch at all of the Blue Angel shows. They were fast, maneuverable, and the thunder of their engines where always' there to please the crowd.

    I remember on the day they came to Lakehurst N.J. my car broke down and oh my God what was I to do. Lucky for me the guy next door asked if I wanted to use his car..... miracles do come true.



    Again we see something that spectators don't see at air shows. Blues Cloud Spray shows all six climbing to a moon lit sky. At this point all aircraft are a mere 3 feet apart from wing tip to wing tip.

    This aviation print means a great deal to me, all six jets show undercarriage markings and it is almost evitable the grace of this tight formation which shows the experience acquired through Naval Aviation.

    All maneuvers flown by the Blue Angels are a standard procedure for all Naval Aviators.

    Remembering the days of watching the F-4 Phantom will never be forgotten, as an artist, and a true fan of the U.S Navy Blue Angels.
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