Ever since I was a child, I have had a love of all things aviation. This love and the talent that God has given me allows me to create aviation artwork of the highest grade of quality and craftsmanship.

While aviation artwork and aircraft digital paintings are my specialty, I am also beginning to create fine art images that can be seen here. The success with my aviation art has allowed me to pursue this new line of images which really allows me to create images beyond my dreams.

Sizes available. All images are available in an 18 x 24 format. If you are looking for a larger size, contact me. My images print clearly on both an 11 x 14 and 30 x 40 formats. Call for a quote on these other sizes. Here at Dream Planes the sky is the limit.

Thank you for visiting my website. Feel free to contact me with any questions or special requests. Tell your friends about the site too. I hope that you have enjoyed what you have seen.

For the art lover, I have also created fine arts pieces using the same process as above. Take a look at some of my fine art pieces.

     Sometimes art comes in many different formats,  Abstract and Fine Art sometmes as  we say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

       So in close as I may say these Digital Paintings are the best of the talents that God has given to me weather be Aviation Art or the Fine Art in this website hoping that it was just as enjoyable for you as it was for me reviewing this website .... dreamplanes.net 

Sincerely :
Robert Giovannetti
Contact Info :
Robert Giovannetti
1 Makefield Rd. Apt. H336
Phone 609-9774054
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Welcome to Giovannetti Art Work's.  We create unique Aviation Art from images of military planes both old and new, historical airplanes, and early commercial airplanes. The aviation artwork starts as a digital image and is transformed to an oil painting effect and finally printed for you to frame on archival mat te fine art paper or printed on to stretched canvas. Better than just a plain old picture, our aviation artwork is a perfect gift for that special someone who loves planes.

Our Historical Aircraft  includes airplanes of eras including the Vietnam era, the Korean era and the first aircraft involved in breaking the sound barrier research. Make sure you also check out our Blue Angles images and images of the USAF Thunderbirds too,   both teams of highly skilled pilots that treat millions of observers to their aerial demos annually. Also we attire to Fine Art Décor which is located on the fine arts page tab for your review. Also For those who enjoy kite flying press the Kite Stuff Tab.

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1 Makefield Rd. Apt. H336
609.977.4054 | giovannetti_robert@yahoo.com

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